3D Character and Question MarkQ: How often should I have a treatment?
This varies from person to person and will depend on how much stress you are placing on your body. If initially you present with pain, then a follow up treatment a week after your initial treatment is advised.  From there it will be discussed what will be the best plan…..no pressure.

Once you pain is under control it’s worth considering maintenance treatments to keep you at optimum. Some people like to come in fortnightly, monthly, or just when they feel like they need it – all with great results.

Q: It’s my first treatment. How long should I book?
A: For initial consultations 45 minutes is preferred. Please arrive a few minutes prior to your appointment to fill out a new patient form.

Q: Can I get a massage if I’m pregnant?
 You sure can. In fact massage is great for relieving those tired and sore muscles in and around the hips, lower back and shoulders. The massage treatment will be a little different from the usual treatment. Less pressure will be used on certain areas (such as the lower back) due to the pregnancy. Also your positioning on the table will be different depending on what stage of pregnancy you’re at.
– Pregnancy is a stage of life you should be enjoying, not suffering!

Q: Is it a firm treatment? Will it hurt?
The firmness of the treatment varies from person to person. The amount of pressure used will be suited to you and your condition. Generally speaking, when being massaged on a area that is aggravated it may be a little sore, but in a good way.

Q: Can I get private health fund rebates on remedial massage?
 Yes. Most private health funds cover remedial massage therapy as a extra. Check with your fund to see if this applies to you. Muscle Pain Therapy is a recognised provider and will provide you with a health fund receipt where necessary.

Q: Do you offer relaxation massage?
Strictly speaking, no. Although clients are usually relaxed after a remedial massage. Nice side effect!

Q: Are you Work Cover accredited?
Yes. However payment of the full consultation fee is required at the time of treatment. The client will then be provided with a receipt for which they can claim the treatment through Work Cover. This will generally leave a gap of approximately $12 for a 30 minute consultation.

Do you have a question? Please feel free to email me rebeccajowett@hotmail.com